Balance   HARMONY   Design

with Personal Energy in Mind


At Evolving Chi Energy, Wendy Wythe helps you identify parts of your life where you can improve your well being through the Principles of Feng Shui. By teaching others how to balance and harmonize their lives, homes and working environments, Wendy empowers her clients and students to uplift their Chi Energy life force and nurture a positive connection with family, friends, coworkers, and community.

Wendy Wythe is a Feng Shui Consultant, Project Manager, Real Estate Stager, Instructor and Designer who has been in the business of Art, Real Estate and Design for over 30 years. 

She has an in-depth background in Feng Shui, Clutter Management, Placement, Color and Texture. Strong intuition partnered with her experience and education allows her to see clearly into the needs of each space, the people who occupy the space and their intertwined dynamics.

Guiding her students and clients to accomplish effective changes for their bright and successful future, she provides a safe, comfortable, clear path through her Workshops and Consultations.

Wendy Wythe